Our structural coatings offer complete and reliable protection, providing exceptional chemical and corrosion resistance. Combined with the flexibility to remain intact as the aircraft flexes during flight, we contribute to a sturdy airframe and a safe flight through our Aircraft Structures product range. Take advantage of reduced application times and simplified processes, while securing the peace of mind that comes with coatings that last for the aircraft’s entire lifespan.

A broad range of OEM qualified products

Our customers require robust and reliable products that are OEM qualified and inspire the utmost confidence in their performance. We are proud to offer a broad range of qualified products which provide benefits at every stage of application and use. OEMs, component manufacturers and applicators can all benefit from reduced waste, optimized cure times and simplified mixing ratios, while aircraft owners enjoy quicker results and a lighter aircraft thanks to reduced dry film weight.

We are the ideal partner to support you in developing proven and environmentally responsible systems for your aircraft, including chrome-free systems. Our upcoming innovations include a durable, high-performance chromate-free coating for aircraft structures and repairs, drawing upon our trusted primer technology and the latest advancements in corrosion inhibition. We are constantly working to ensure that our structural protection coatings and processes are both safe and environmentally responsible.