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The look and feel of a cabin can define the passenger experience, creating a sense of comfort and security that is part of any enjoyable flight. Our goal is to make that experience as positive and memorable as possible through our premium-quality interior coatings, designed to protect and enhance any aircraft’s internal appearance.

These coatings include fillers, topcoats and protective coatings for the complete interior system, used in the decoration and preservation of interior surfaces, providing vital differentiation for passengers travelling with our airline customers. Supported by outstanding durability, stain resistance and our team of in-house design experts, keeping a cabin looking fresh and modern has never been easier.

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Continuous usage can take a toll on an aircraft’s interior surfaces. Our new Intura range provides unrivalled stain resistance, making it easier to keep a cabin clean, and is also highly effective at preventing damage caused by burns and abrasion. Combining the convenience and durability, Intura coatings protect a variety of interior substrates, helping your cabin look better for longer while reducing maintenance costs.

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