Durable, cost-effective and sustainable film solutions enabling unique design possibilities

AkzoNobel film technology (formerly sold under the “Soliant” brand) has been used as an alternative to liquid paint on plastic and metal parts for over 30 years in both the Automotive and Consumer Electronics industries. Whether it is a color, metal, or printed effect, films enhance the value of the application and allow for finishes unavailable from liquid paint.

The value of films in Aerospace

Films are part of AkzoNobel Specialty Coatings, which offer decorative solutions for the transportation and consumer goods markets. These films are an alternative to liquid paints or chrome plating as an example.

Decorative Benefits

Our paint films, marketed under the INTURA® brand, are durable, cost-effective and environmentally friendly, with unique design possibilities not possible from traditional basecoat/topcoat systems. Paint films are an excellent choice for a wide range of special effects including printing, texturing, two-tones, metallics, anodizing and pearlescence. Along with a great appearance, they are resistant to chipping, UV radiation, and harsh chemicals. The films are also 100% recyclable.

Protective Benefits

INTURA® Paint Film is also the alternative to traditional spray application systems where a full palette of colors are possible. The technology utilizes the same types of pigments as our spray-applied systems in combination with chemical and weather resistant resins in a film package that stands strong to keep looking newer for longer in tough conditions.

An unlimited variety of advanced designs

The role of design has become increasingly important to create more product value and differentiate one OEM brand from the next. But design needs to also be durable. By developing well-thought out projects together with our customer's designers, our films are the ideal solution for interior and exterior parts to add value, reduce costs & complexity and help achieve environmental objectives.

Using various printing technologies, an unlimited variety of advanced designs can be created. These can start from an idea, sketch or finish already designed by the customer.

In addition, our design team attends the most important fashion presentations and trade shows all around the globe, following trends in fashion, design, and color. Every year we produce Design Trend, a comprehensive overview of what is happening in global color and design.  This is done together with our liquid paint designers.

Benefits for Aerospace applications

AkzoNobel films are the perfect choice for use in aerospace applications. Our films meet UL-94 standards for Flame, Smoke, and Toxicity. The excellent chemical resistance properties ensure that the decorative finish stays pristine for years despite heavy commercial use. Our Aerofine product line offers a wide variety of film solutions including specialty effects such as soft feel coatings. These films are offered in a variety of colors, prints, textures, and gloss levels. Please contact your AkzoNobel film representative today to explore the possibilities!

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