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At AkzoNobel, we take pride in taking a leading role in global sustainability. For us, sustainability means creating shared value for all our stakeholders. It underpins our core principles and is our driver for growth, innovation and productivity.

We believe that by doing radically more with less, and working closely with suppliers and customers, we can achieve excellence in environmental responsibility. Our aim is to provide the best combination of performance and sustainability in our products.

As a leader in chromate-free technology and VOC reduction, we are continuously improving our aerospace coatings to help our customers reduce aircraft weight, improve fuel efficiency, and reduce emissions without compromising on quality.

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Aerospace sustainability initiatives

  • Global campaigns to protect our environment - We are proud that our aerospace coatings have been used to help deliver global messages of sustainability to reduce plastic in the ocean and to save the world’s coral reefs. In our latest collaboration with the Mirpuri Foundation, we supplied products for a Hi Fly aircraft with a striking coral-themed livery. One side represents a pristine ocean with healthy marine life, the other shows a destroyed coral environment. We created 19 custom-made colors for the design, which helps drive home the global message that our coral ecosystems will disappear by 2050 if no action is taken.

  • Chromate-free coatings - Environmental regulations continue to become more complex and AkzoNobel devotes significant resources to remain compliant with all country and region requirements while also maintaining our product’s performance. Eliminating hexavalent chrome is a main focus area and we continue to make significant progress developing safe and effective corrosion inhibiting coatings for both exterior and structural applications on aircraft. These efforts include our own research plus collaboration with key Universities and leading Aerospace Companies. Learn more about our chromate-free coatings here.
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