We are a global leader in anti-corrosion coating systems, with a prestigious track record of developing and innovating chromate-free alternatives. Our chrome-free coatings represent the perfect solution for a safer and more sustainable process, with the same proven performance in terms of durability and appearance.


Take advantage of our cutting-edge chromate-free technology


Thanks to our pioneering legacy in chromate-free coatings, we provide a range of alternatives each with convenient application properties and optimized for corrosion resistance. With chromates becoming subject to increasing regulation, there’s never been a better time to future-proof your operations while working towards a safer industry.

We offer several chromate-free solutions for exterior application:

  • Aerodur 2100 MgRP is a magnesium-rich coating, safeguarding aluminum through cathodic protection just as zinc is used to safeguard steel
  • Aerodur 2111 provides active protection through our patented lithium-based technology, using the same leaching process as chromate-based primers
  • Aerodur HS 2118 CF is the ideal chromate-free maintenance primer, which can be applied direct-to-metal for great flexibility
  • Aerodur HS 2121 is the latest chromate-free exterior refresh primer developed for Airbus and airlines (applied at final assembly stage). Based on lithium technology, it offers a number of key benefits, including improved adhesion, appearance, and layer thickness savings.


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