Achieving Excellence Through Teamwork

November 22, 2018

Becoming a global leader in Aerospace Coatings takes more than just the best products. It takes a dedicated team of professionals. Every team contributes to the success of our coatings and our company. In a series of articles, we’ll introduce you to the people who make our success in Aerospace Coatings possible.

A strong foundation

Part of the reason AkzoNobel is considered to be an expert in Aerospace Coatings is our dedication to providing innovative, reliable and efficient solutions. Customers rely on the expertise of our teams from start to finish. And AkzoNobel delivers, with support services like training, technical advice and coatings consultancy. But long before the sale is complete, we make sure the right people make the right connections.

The right people

Over the next few months, we’ll introduce you to the teams behind the products. From the lab to the sales desk to after-sales care, each team brings something unique and essential to the table. And each team offers a unique perspective on our customers. We’ll hear from these Aerospace Coatings colleagues:

  • Tami Swearingin, Regional Sales Manager, North America 
  • Teresa Dubaniewicz, Global Customer Service Manager 
  • Gus Slattery, Technical Manager, APAC 
  • Robert Rinsburger, Area Sales Manager, Benelux and Middle East 
  • Marc van der Geest, Global Lab Manager

Superior products

In each interview, you’ll learn about another aspect of the teams that help bring some of the most innovative coating products to the market. From the popular Basecoat/Clearcoat systems to peelable coatings to special effects coatings. Of course, we’re leading the exploration of chromate-free technologies, and we’re the only company that can offer both liquid and film coatings to the aerospace market. It’s these products and more that made outstanding projects possible. Projects like the Mirpuri Foundation’s initiative to spread their “Save the Coral Reefs” message on Hi Fly-owned airbuses. Or Embraer’s E2 commercial jets’ special animal liveries.

An invitation

Stayed tuned to this site to meet the people who make the difference. And learn what it takes to ensure that AkzoNobel remains the leader in coatings for almost everything that takes to the air.

Gus Slattery

Teresa Dubaniewicz

Robert Rijnsburger


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