Chemically cured two component epoxy coating
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Key benefits

  • Compliant to VOC requirements for SCAQMD Rule 1124
  • Provides protection from various chemicals, hydraulic fluids, aviation fuels, phosphate ester (Skydrol) fluids, and corrosion causing media for aircraft fuel tanks.


  • Technical Datasheet - 454-4-1
  • Mixing Guide - 454-4-1

Product Characteristics

Gloss Level 10 maximum GU
Delivery Method Solventborne
Coverage 454-4-1 Admixed (unreduced): 8.9 m²/liter ready to apply at 25.4 μm dry film thickness 363 ft²/US gallon ready to apply at 1 mil dry film thickness

OEM/Specifier & Specs Qualified

OEM/Specifier Specs Qualified
AkzoNobel Certification
Avic Aviation AMMS2512
Cessna CMFS029, TY I
Eclipse Aviation EAC P1024
LearJet LES 1079
Mitsubishi MM1259, GR A
Textron TM 3403, Type I, Class C
Boeing BMS 10-20, TYII CLA GRA
Comac CMS-CT-221, TY I, CL 1,GRA

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