58 Series

Polyurethane Topcoat

This two component high solids polyurethane finish is formulated for application to military aircraft, and is designed to provide maximum protection from various chemicals, hydraulic fluids, aviation fuels, and corrosion causing media. Available in gloss, semi-gloss, and camouflage appearance. Clear available in all gloss levels. Also available in aluminum metallic FS17178 and FS27178. This product line provides excellent performance with regard to cleanability, mar resistance and surface smoothness in all gloss ranges. This product 666-58-4095 is subject to International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR).
TUK available
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  • Technical Datasheet - 58 Series Gloss
  • Sell Sheet - Spray2Fix
  • Technical Datasheet - 58 Series Semi-Gloss
  • Technical Datasheet - 58 Series Metallic, Aluminium
  • Technical Datasheet - 58 Series Camouflage

Product Characteristics

Gloss Level N/A
Delivery Method Solventborne
Coverage 19.6 m² per liter ready to apply at 25.4 µm dry film thickness 800 ft² per US gallon ready to apply at 1 mil dry film thickness
Subsegment Air Defense

OEM/Specifier & Specs Qualified

OEM/Specifier Specs Qualified
USG Military WS 26052, TY I, AMEND 2
AkzoNobel Certification
Boeing Long Beach DPM 6330-1
Mitsubishi MMS 420
Northrop Grumman GP110AEF
US Military MIL-PRF-85285, TYI CL H
Embraer MEP 10-117, TY I
Italian Defence AER(EP). M-P-001 TY1, CL1
Saab STD 175428,STD 1974

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