Aerodur 3001G

Polyurethane Topcoat

Aerodur 3001 is a chemically cured, long life base coat for use in a base coat / clear coat system formulated to provide uniform coverage and appearance in one box coat application. Aerodur 3001, in combination with the specified Aerodur 3002 Clear Coat, provides reduced cycle time and superior chemical and stain resistance, flexibility, and weathering performance. This system provides a durable long lasting, protective and decorative finish that exceeds typical OEM requirements for exterior aircraft performance.
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Key benefits

  • Extended durability
  • Unique pigment/binder formulation for hiding at lower dry film thickness
  • Latest VOC compliant high solids technology
  • Chrome free pigmentation
  • Wet look effect
  • Color capability and design consultancy
  • Full color range
  • Strong brand integrity
  • Eliminates appearance variability of fleet
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Lower VOC emissions
  • Environmentally progressive
  • Short design and implementation timelines
  • Retains 'factory-new' look
  • High passenger confidence
  • Dry time varies by activator chosen


  • Technical Datasheet - Aerodur 3001G
  • Product Brochure - BCCC Airlines
  • Product Brochure - BCCC Facilities
  • Mixing Guide - Aerodur 3001G

Product Characteristics

Gloss Level 90+ GU (with Aerodur 3002 Clear)
Delivery Method Solventborne
Coverage 20 m² per liter ready to apply at 25 µm dry film thickness 829 ft² per US gallon ready to apply at 1 mil dry film thickness
Subsegment Commercial Exteriors

OEM/Specifier & Specs Qualified

OEM/Specifier Specs Qualified
AkzoNobel Certification
Boeing BMS 10-125, TY IV, GR D,BMS 10-125, TY VII, GR D,BMS 10-72, TY X
Bombardier - Canadair BAMS 565-018
Embraer MEP 10-125, TY II
Irkut 741.140/21-00-00-0038-0T04/0A
Mitsubishi MM1279 Rev.A
Airbus Canada A2MS 565-018

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