Aerodur Barrier Primer 37045

Composite Coating

Aerodur Barrier Primer 37045 is a chromate free 3-component isocyanate cured epoxy primer for composites and plastics. Aerodur Barrier Primer 37045 is available in two colors (black and white).
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Key benefits

  • Compatible with a wide range of composites and plastics.
  • Low water permeability due to the absence of leachable, hygroscopic pigments.
  • Resistance to aircraft hydraulic fluids and chemicals.


  • Technical Datasheet - Aerodur Barrier Primer 37045

Product Characteristics

Gloss Level Maximum 25 GU
Delivery Method Solventborne
Coverage 35 m² per liter base material at 15 μm dry film thickness. 1423 ft² per US gallon base material at 0.6 mil dry film thickness.
Subsegment Aircraft Structures

OEM/Specifier & Specs Qualified

OEM/Specifier Specs Qualified
Fokker TH 33.0140,TH 5.701 / 2
Sukhoi RRJ0000-RE314-201
British Aerospace AVRO AVN 7-005,BAEP 3529,BAEP 3546
Dowty Aerospace Propellers PS 5049
AkzoNobel Certification
British Aerospace Jetstream PS 23-8-35,PS 23-8-36,PS 5632
IPTN NMS 10-502 Type I
UK Ministry of Defense AFS 2328
Air France SMI 71 004 / NT 10003
Airbus Industries AIMS 04-04-002,AIMS 04-04-035,AIMS 04-04-046,PQ 10050 - 021,TN A.007.10012 Primer Type 2,TN A.007.10050 - 21,TN A.007.10113 Grade A

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