Polystop LP


Polystop LP is a low VOC, 2-component, peroxide cured polyester stopper to fill dents, surface flaws and other surface irregularities on different substrate types.
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Key benefits

  • Compatible with a wide range of composite, plastic, and metallic substrates
  • Fast curing at ambient conditions
  • Low VOC
  • Overcoatable with all AkzoNobel Aerospace Coatings primers and fillers


  • Technical Datasheet - Polystop LP

Product Characteristics

Gloss Level N/A
Delivery Method Solventborne
Subsegment Commercial Exteriors

OEM/Specifier & Specs Qualified

OEM/Specifier Specs Qualified
Aries Complex ACMS 263 Type 1
British Aerospace AVRO AVP 3-003
British Aerospace Group BAEP 3527
Airbus Industries PQ 10050 - 076,TN A.007.10050 - 76,TN A.007.10050 - 76B
AkzoNobel Certification

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