Primer P60-A

Epoxy Primer

Strontium chromate-based, three-component water-reducible epoxy primer, with high chemical resistance. This product is designed for the protection of metallic structures on aircraft. (*Contact our Pamiers site for more information.)
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Product Characteristics

Gloss Level 20 GU below 60°
Delivery Method Waterborne
Coverage 37 m²/l (1500 ft²/gal) for 15 µm (0.6 mils) dry
Subsegment Aircraft Structures

OEM/Specifier & Specs Qualified

OEM/Specifier Specs Qualified
Dassault DGQT
Embraer MEP 10-059 TY III
Pilatus VV0605-01E
Socata Certification
Viking VAMS 565-001 Grade B cat 1&2 type1
Airbus Canada A2MS 565-01 Grade B cat.1&2, type 2
Airbus Industries 80-T-35-5030,ABP 4-1123,AIMS 04-04-001,AIMS 04-04-003,AIMS 04-04-004,AIMS 04-04-038,AIMS 04-04-040,AIMS 04-04-041,AIMS 04-04-042,AIMS 04-04-063,AIMS 04-04-064,AIPI 05-02-009,AIPI 05-05-003,ASNA 5147,CML 16-063 04DEB2,IPDA 64-02,IPS 04-04-038-07,PQ10050-230-01
Bombardier BAMS 565-001 Grade B cat.1&2, type 1

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