Pyrosil 2000 LV Aluminium

High Heat

Pyrosil 2000 LV Aluminium is a one component silicone coating with high heat resisting properties for protection of jet engines, jet pipes interior, etc.
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Key benefits

  • Adheres directly to blasted steel or aluminium
  • Excellent heat resistance, up to 500°C (932°F)
  • High solid (VOC maximum 420 g/L)
  • Resistant to aircraft hydraulic fluids and chemicals


  • Technical Datasheet - Pyrosil 2000 LV Aluminium

Product Characteristics

Gloss Level Not applicable
Delivery Method Solventborne
Coverage 19.2 m² per liter base at 25 μm dry film thickness 768 ft² per US gallon base at 1.0 mil dry film thickness
Subsegment Aircraft Structures

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