Spray2Fix Eclipse Gloss

Polyurethane Topcoat

Aerosol Spray Can Application Eclipse Topcoat. In order to facilitate aircraft processing in either the OEM or maintenance sector, AkzoNobel Aerospace Coating’s OEM approved Eclipse topcoat has been packaged to provide convenient aerosol can application. Ideal for touch-up, minor processing defects may be repaired quickly and easily with a localized procedure. The color description is provided on the individual container.
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  • Product Brochure - Spray2Fix
  • Technical Datasheet - Spray2Fix Eclipse Gloss

Product Characteristics

Gloss Level 90 minimum
Coverage 10 – 15 ft² / Aerosol @ 2 mil.
Subsegment Commercial Exteriors

OEM/Specifier & Specs Qualified

OEM/Specifier Specs Qualified
AkzoNobel Certification
Embraer MEP 10-069
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