Surfacer FR4-45


Three-components water-based polyurethane surfacer for aircraft interiors with quick drying. FR4-45 is intended to correct surface defects such as pin holes on composite and thermoplastic substrates. (*Contact our Pamiers site for more information.)
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  • Technical Datasheet - Surfacer FR4-45

Product Characteristics

Gloss Level Matte (lower than 10GU below 60°)
Delivery Method Waterborne
Coverage 6 m²/kg (360 ft²/gal) for 50 µm (2 mils) dry 12 m²/kg (720 ft²/gal) to 25 µm (1 mils) dry
Subsegment Cabin Interiors

OEM/Specifier & Specs Qualified

OEM/Specifier Specs Qualified
Safran Cabin Inc CDM240-00,CDM240-01
AIM Aerospace APS10
Airbus Industries ABS5650A,AIMS 04-08-001,CML 04BAM6
Boeing BMS 10-83 TYPE IX and TYPE IV
Bombardier BAMS 800-005,DHMS 4.22 Type IX
Collins Aerospace SPG-MPS-163
Embraer MEP 10-075,MEP 10-132
FACC FMS5520 Class 2
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