For almost a century, AkzoNobel has been spearheading global aerospace coatings development. Through a continuous innovation process, we introduced our revolutionary Base coat / Clear coat systems. A winning combination of aesthetics, convenience and long-lasting protection make these the exterior coatings systems of choice in the aerospace industry, relied upon by applicators and airlines worldwide.

An endless variety of colorful, high-gloss finishes

Each base coat product leverages our long-standing expertise in color-matching and custom colors to create eye-catching liveries limited only by the imagination. Meanwhile, each clear coat brings ultimate protection, gloss retention and color retention in just a single spray coating.

  • Aerobase is a decorative basecoat tailored to Airbus specifications, designed to provide uniform coverage in a single layer for the majority of colors
  • Aviox Clearcoat UVR is a durable high-gloss clear coat for use with Aerobase, creating a durable ‘wet look’ appearance with great UV and chemical resistance
  • Aerodur 3001 is a decorative basecoat optimized for Boeing aircraft, creating long-lasting protection and uniform color in combination with Aerodur 3002
  • Aerodur 3002 is a long-life clear coat that provides a long-lasting clear finish with superior chemical resistance, stain resistance and reduced cycle time





Optimized for application and maintenance

Our base coat products contain higher pigmentation, allowing them to achieve a full vibrant color in typically fewer coats, while also drying more quickly. Our clear coat products likewise deliver greater results with less time and effort thanks to smooth application properties and a wide application window that reduces the need for re-working. Overall, these properties allow our Base coat / Clear coat systems to deliver a superior finish while cutting aircraft downtime and improving applicator profitability.