The 'one stop shop' for all

We recognize that every aircraft is unique. That's why the versatility of inTURA works for you by providing a 'one stop shop' to fit all your coating needs. inTURA brings forth superior abrasion and stain resistance as well as gloss retention to make your interior cabin stand out among the rest.

inTURA is offered both in full liquid and film systems so that we can best meet your cabin's needs. Compatibility across a multitude of platforms and substrates is guaranteed so that you can rest assured that we will be able to work for you.

Designed to make your work easier

Applying coatings doesn’t have to be complicated – this single-component system has been specifically developed for the ease of use of applicators. Simply add inTURA topcoat to any spray gun and apply to the substrate of your choice. By expelling the worries of pot-life and mixing ratios, inTURA enhances your overall interior cabin application experience.

Continuous back-to-back flights can take a toll on a cabin. Rather than deal with the hassle of a multi-layer system, one layer of inTURA is all you need to spruce up any tired cabin. Refinishing is simple and efficient with an inTURA topcoat, so that your aircraft can be back in the air as soon as possible. We are here to help you protect and preserve your assets.

We care for your brand

At AkzoNobel, we want your assets to have that premium look and feel for a memorable passenger experience. Through our Intermix system, any color or effect is possible to create the desired look for your brand. We have a wide variety of solids, pearls, micas and metallics to help you achieve a unique look that lets you stand out market.

Keeping cabins looking fresh and modern can be a burden, but with the help of our specialized in-house design team, aesthetic excellence is well within reach for your aircraft. Their knowledge of current colours and trends is available exclusively to your cabin through extensive, individualized technical support. inTURA is more than a coating; it's a solution.