The last decade has seen a number of shifts in the Aerospace market, with aircraft build rates rising to never seen before levels, driven by unprecedented demand. The result has been a significant impact upon the world of Aerospace Coatings, bringing performance and productivity into sharp focus. More efficient coatings application processes allow more aircraft to be produced, and the larger number of aircraft mean that reducing ownerships costs is also a key concern.

“Total cost of ownership includes coating durability, ease of application, process time, and the cost per liter/surface area,” told John Griffin, segment director for Aerospace & Film within AkzoNobel Automotive & Specialty Coatings. “Durability is by far the biggest contributor – delaying the need to repaint aircraft or components saves significant costs in terms of material and application.” Another area of concern is regulation and sustainability, with there being a significant push towards chrome-free coatings as a solution to UV and corrosion protection. To find out more about these dramatic shifts in the Aerospace market and how AkzoNobel’s innovative coatings are providing the answers, read the full article in Coatings Tech here