Chosen from approximately 12,000 organizations supplying Airbus, AkzoNobel stood out for their efforts in responsibility and sustainability, earning them the distinction of being first to receive the esteemed award.

“We’re thrilled to receive this prestigious award from Airbus, and particularly pleased that our commitment to sustainability across AkzoNobel has been recognized,” said Maud Khelstovsky, Key Account Manager at AkzoNobel. “As a paints and coatings company in the Airbus supply chain, it’s even more challenging to get this recognition, so it really represents our shared effort with partners to turn environmental challenges into product innovations.”

John Griffin, Business Director Aerospace and Maud Khelstovsky, Key Account Manager received the award.From left to right Klaus Richter, Chief Procurement Officer at Airbus, John Griffin, Maud Khelstovsky, Matthias Gramolla, VP Procurement Responsibility & Sustainability at Airbus, Oliver Dreier, SVP Material & Part Procurement at Airbus.

John Griffin, Managing Director Aerospace Coatings at AkzoNobel, said: “We’re very pleased to partner with Airbus to find more sustainable solutions for our collective stakeholders. One example is the investment to develop a protective coating system that contains zero chrome. This is a significant undertaking that neither party could do alone and contributes to our collective sustainability by ensuring that Airbus can continue to deliver safe aircraft for the next 30 years while also reducing the use of hazardous materials.”

AkzoNobel has been an Airbus supplier since their aircraft production began, a partnership which has grown steadily over the past decade. AkzoNobel supplies Airbus – as well as common airline customers and Airbus contractors around the world – with advanced decorative and protective coatings.

Maud added: “This award is for all the employees working hard across our R&D, operations and functions whose passion for coatings contributes to our partnership with Airbus. They embody our sustainability values every day.”