At a Clean Coatings seminar organized by Pexa and AkzoNobel in the UK, delegates enjoyed a series of presentations and took part in practical demonstrations to share knowledge and develop understanding of this vital area of the industry.

Rob Walker, Area Sales Manager, AkzoNobel said: “It is vital that the industry understands the near-term impact of REACH and the environmental and commercial benefits of moving to low and chromate-free products for new build and line maintenance.”


Aerospace engineers, specifiers, and managers discussing chromate-free coatings


“The event gave all of us the opportunity to question the process of change and review the key timelines for the introduction of our new structural chromate-free primer technologies.”

Jim Rowbotham, Managing Director, Pexa, said: “We’re in the business of informing and safeguarding its customers about REACH. We have made it our mission to be a fully compliant supplier of REACH controlled materials with the best product range. Thanks to our partnership with AkzoNobel, we have excellent resources for providing solutions to these challenging issues.”


Aerospace engineers, specifiers, and managers discussing chromate-free coatings


Hexavalent Chromates in Aerospace coatings are carcinogens and have been restricted under REACH with an anticipated sunset review date in January 2026.  AkzoNobel is developing new, class leading technology which replicates key performance features of chromates and leads the way in offering a pathway for the substitution of chromates.