Performance and sustainability were the deciding factors in choosing AkzoNobel’s aerospace coatings for JAL’s Airbus fleet.

Vice President of Procurement at JAL, Kojiro Yamashita, said: “Japan Airlines has prioritized its commitment to tackle its environmental, social and governance commitments through our business activities. The choice of the Airbus 350 and selection of coatings is key to supporting our sustainable development goals throughout the supply chain.”

JAL A350 in flight

Jemma Lampkin, Asia Regional Sales Director at AkzoNobel said: “We’re delighted that JAL chose our aerospace coatings for their new Airbus A350 fleet. It is rewarding to see our approach of sustainability through innovation recognized by JAL and see our products and services deliver tangible performance and environmental impact.”  

Now entering service, the fleet is coated with recently-qualified Aerodur HS 2121 Primer and AkzoNobel’s leading basecoat / clearcoat system, Aerobase and Aviox Clearcoat UVR.

For more information on AkzoNobel’s chrome-free exterior primer Aerodur HS 2121 visit this page: