Estonian-based integrated maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) services provider and asset management organization Magnetic MRO recently unveiled its brand-new and purpose-built paint hangar at Tallinn Airport. The new hangar was the perfect opportunity for AkzoNobel to support development in the region and ensure airline customers have the best options in color and protective aerospace coatings.
Magnetic MRO is a fast growing and cutting-edge technical care organization with a global presence and over two decades of experience in the field. The new hangar expands their headquarters, adding 1,628 m2 of painting space with a custom docking system and high-tech capabilities. It even uses augmented reality to visualize new livery on aircraft before paint is selected and applied.
Serving a variety of aircraft types, Magnetic MRO is one of the first MRO companies to offer a combination of base maintenance and refinishing. Their aim is to provide airlines with innovative solutions maintenance, superior operational efficiency and fresh-looking liveries – which is exactly where AkzoNobel comes in.

Magnetic MRO

“With our long history of supplying the paints for a range of colorful, vibrant and eye-catching aircraft finishes, it’s always exciting to collaborate with competitive entrepreneurs in aircraft painting,” says Martijn Dieben, Regional Sales Manager for Aerospace Coatings. “We’re happy to support Magnetic MRO with their continued growth.”
One of the first aircraft to be painted in the new hangar was an Airbus A320, owned by Russia-based airline Red Wings and pictured below alongside Magnetic MRO’s skilled painting team.