The regional airline has adopted a striking approach to its livery, whereby every one of its aircraft is a different color. And they use our aerospace coatings to achieve the kaleidoscopic effect.

It’s all based on a specific color wheel – and an internal color screening process – which helps to make the aircraft more visible and gives them a stronger presence at the country’s airports.

“It’s a really creative way for us to display our color expertise and for passengers to enjoy the flight experience,” says Hiroaki Takahashi, AkzoNobel’s Aerospace Country Manager for Japan. “It’s not every day you get to guess the color of your flight, so it’s a fun way to engage people as they travel around the country – while admiring the vibrance of our coatings.”

Fuji Dream Airlines planes in multiple colors

Over the last few years, Fuji Dream Airlines has started using our basecoat/clearcoat system (Aerodur 3001/3002) to bring their multi-color concept to life. The fast-drying system – which retains its color and gloss significantly longer than single stage coatings – also offers superior chemical and stain resistance, flexibility and weathering performance.

“We tend to choose colors which we’ve never used before, all based on the screening process,” explains Mr. Hisashi Matsushita, Manager of the Public Relations Group at Fuji Dream Airlines. “We rely on the expertise of AkzoNobel and their ability to make customer colors that match any design. Their collaboration is important in our color selection and matching process.”

Fuji Dream Airlines planes in multiple colors

Fuji Dream Airlines is an important regional airline in Japan, flying to 17 cities and connecting many regions through their unique network. Their presence contributes to Japan’s growing regional economy and offers convenience to residents in regional areas. The airline also has a strong charter flight business, which is available at 64 airports. For more information, visit