Features and Benefits

  • Developed as a refresh primer, to be applied over “basic” primers (Airbus OEM).
  • Resistance to aircraft hydraulic fluids and chemicals.
  • Corrosion inhibiting.
  • Compatible with polyurethane and epoxy topcoats.
  • High Solids.
  • Chromate free
  • Benefits the environment


Gloss Level
60 GU Maximum
Delivery Method
37 m² per liter base material at 20 μm dry film thickness.
1484 ft² per US gallon base material at 0.8 mil dry film thickness.

OEM/Specifier & Specs Qualified

OEM/Specifier Specs qualified
Airbus Industries AIMS 04-04-031
AIMS 04-04-032
AIMS 04-04-033
AIMS 04-04-034
AIMS 04-04-036
AIMS 04-04-037
AkzoNobel Certification
British Aerospace Airbus ABP 4-1352
ABP 4-2364
Fokker TH 6.7370
TH 6.7370
Leonardo (formerly Augusta Westland) AWMS 28.001
Sukhoi RRJ0000-RE-314-331