The exterior of a commercial aircraft is an opportunity to showcase an airline’s brand through attractive livery designs, while also inspiring passengers with feelings of confidence and security. As a global leader in aerospace coatings, we provide OEM-approved exterior coating systems that combine high-quality appearance with superior gloss and color retention. Through our signature Base coat / Clear coat systems, we protect and enhance the exterior of an aircraft while saving time at every stage of application.

Our global infrastructure allows us to deliver reliable supply around the globe, complemented with local technical support. Our coatings help our OEM, MRO, and airline customers to protect aircraft with long lasting color and protection to keep aircraft looking new. Our extensive product portfolio includes special effect and chromate-free systems, across a wide range of OEM and AMS3095A specifications.


Our products make it easy to get the desired look. This helps to eliminate costly re-work, while also assisting with maintenance and repair. Shorter drying times and more efficient application reduce the amount of time required to repair and re-work previous coatings. In collaboration with our OEM partners, we continue to invest in developing new products that will further speed up the application process, reduce steps, improve paint appearance and keep aircraft flight ready.

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