Alumigrip 4400 & Alumigrip 4450

Alumigrip 4400 & 4450 form the ultimate Base Coat/Clear Coat system

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AkzoNobel’s Base coat/Clear coat system combines Alumigrip 4400 and Alumigrip 4450 to deliver a stunning combination of color, effects, durability and performance beyond what can be achieved with a single-stage topcoat.

Ensuring market leading quality with minimum downtime, our unique pigment / binder formulas typically deliver complete coverage with fewer coats. Customers will experience remarkable speed, ease of use, and durability with a gloss finish that outshines the competition.


Combine vibrant colors with high gloss and protection


Alumigrip 4400 is a quick-drying base coat, containing high pigmentation that provides brightness in color and optimum opacity. Its superior hiding properties also allow applicators to achieve full hide in fewer layers, reducing application time by up to 40%. Alumigrip 4450 is a high-performance clear coat that delivers outstanding gloss and durability in a single application, improving gloss and color retention of the overall system. Aircraft owners will experience the best combination of appearance and long-lasting protection.


Long-lasting, reducing costs over the life of the aircraft

Designed to reduce cycle times by up to 40%

Outstanding color retention and gloss retention


Alumigrip products

Celebrating 50 years of excellence with Alumigrip


Since its launch in 1968, Alumigrip has represented the highest quality in general aviation coatings, prolonging the service life of both private and business aircraft while also providing unrivalled aesthetic appearance. By combining durability and a seamless application process with a rich variety of colors and effects, Alumigrip has enabled countless aircraft to achieve unique and eye-catching liveries, helping many airlines to forge their own unique brand identities.

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Alumigrip 4400 & 4450

Alumigrip 4400 & 4450 form the ultimate Base Coat / Clear Coat system

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